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Technology Leasing
Why? Technology Leasing saves money:

Continuously upgrading computer technology can reduce an organization's total cost of computing by reducing the cost of operations, support, maintenance and administration, expenses known to escalate over time. Simply keeping technology current and consistent across the organization can greatly reduce these costs. Pairing computers with the same user for its lifetime in an organization, replacing that equipment before it becomes a maintenance problem, and having the ability to re-market used computer equipment are ways that planned technology saves money.

Benefits of Planned Technology:

Regardless of your industry or organization, having the flexibility to acquire and maintain your computer technology at current standards directly impacts on your competitive advantage. Many corporations have found that by planning computer technology, they are better equipped to meet the challenges of to-days competitive economy.

1. Manage technology better:

• A planned technology strategy reduces risk and cost. Acquire it, use it, and replace it within 2-3 years.
• A properly planned technology strategy is based on scheduled replacement of computer and software technology and includes the    option to upgrade at any time.

2. Enhance productivity:

• A planned replacement of computers and software reduces administration costs.
• New computer technology saves money by offering enhanced improvements.
• Save money and gain productivity by employing new technology that reduces manual tasks.
• Improve data access and interchange by maintaining current and common technology across the organization.

3. Reduce costs by using planned technology:

• The ability to re-market obsolete computers reduces overall costs.
• Using computers & software across the organization that is consistent reduces IT costs.
• Upgrading computers at the end of the warranty period reduces maintenance costs.

4. Use financial resources more efficiently:

• Leasing your computers and software may qualify for off balance sheet treatment.
• Reduce costs and improve after-tax cash flows as the payments may typically be fully expensed
• Obtain an alternative means of financing technology, thereby conserving capital and lines of credit for other profit opportunities.
• Spread out the acquisition costs over the useful life of the computer.

“A planned computer & software replacement program is a smart way for business owners to acquire the technology they need to be competitive while conserving capital to invest into other key areas of the business.”