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Welcome to Lease-Line.com
It is extremely important to note a few worthy points about our equipment leasing service:
  1. Lessee

    Our clients’ needs and expectations drive everything we do. 99% of our equipment leases are structured to a purchase option. We treat sensitive information confidentially 99% of our lessees purchase at the option point. We strive to do it right the first time. Lease-Line guarantees to remind you when the purchase option is due. We build positive relationships through outstanding service.

  2. Vendor

    If you sell equipment or software we are very interested in helping your customers acquire your product. We are professionals and our reputation is built on ethical behaviour. You can become a total solution provider. We admit when we don’t know, then commit to finding a solution. Lease-Line guarantees to remind you and your client when the purchase option is due. Equipment Leasing is a sales tool.

  3. Referral

    Earn a reward for helping your “business to business” contacts. We make commitments with care & follow through. Provide your clients with industry leading expertise & service.

We want to earn your business.
What kind of equipment?
Computer equipment leasing, Construction equipment leasing, Office equipment leasing, Dental equipment leasing, Farm equipment leasing, Woodworking equipment leasing, CNC machine tool equipment leasing, Forklift equipment leasing, Medical equipment leasing, Photographic equipment leasing, Printing equipment leasing, Testing equipment leasing, Truck equipment leasing, Trailer equipment leasing, Welding equipment leasing, Water treatment equipment leasing, Logging equipment leasing, Veterinarian equipment leasing, Laboratory equipment leasing, .... Just about any equipment & software a company requires to carry on business. See Equipment we Lease
your company is in business to turn a profit, not just to acquire assets. Equipment leasing has its benefits....
Leasing provides up to 100% financing of equipment cost.
Working capital and credit lines remain free for other uses.
Reduced costs due to purchase option or fair market value (FMV) at end of lease.
After tax costs may be less expensive than other forms of financing.
Certainty of a fixed rental for the full term of the lease.
Pre-determined purchase option and renewal privileges.
Lease may qualify for off balance sheet accounting.
Hedge against inflation.
Leasing may not contravene loan covenants or capital investment restraints.
Simplified budgeting and accounting because of fixed rentals.
Lease rentals may be 100% deductible.
Quick and easy lease credit procedure and turn around time.
Reduced equipment risk.
Simplified lease documentation.
Equipment replacement program. Provides for obsolescence
Operating budget may permit leasing when capital budget does not.
Modern equipment can be acquired immediately.
Taxes not required up front since taxes are calculated on the rental.
No down payment
Seasonal or reduced rental plans available.
Used or reconditioned equipment leasing is available.
Keeps cash in your business for inventory, marketing, renovations, etc
Simplifies bookkeeping
Purchase option is available for most leases
New equipment adds to your cash flow and productivity
For Commissioned Salespersons, Professionals, or Self-Employed Persons...

Equipment Leasing ...may be your Best Alternative!E-mail or fax us your application today!!!