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Leasing is a smart way for your customers to purchase the technology
they need to be competitive while preserving capital to invest into other
key areas of their business.”
Leasing provides up to 100% financing of the equipment or software cost.
Working capital & lines of credit remain intact.
Credit decisions are generally very quick, often the same day.
Fixed rental for the term of the lease.
Pre-determined purchase option, We GUARANTEE to remind you.
Hedge against inflation.
Trade-in or upgrade your equipment as technology improves.
Simplifies bookkeeping - rentals are fixed
Tax Savings – lease rentals may be 100% tax deductible.
Simple documentation
Personal guarantees rarely required for established businesses.
Flexibility - rental schedule may be tailored to fit cash flow needs.
No time wasted visiting a bank office or other institution.
GST & PST are paid on the lease rental, instead of up front.
Modern equipment can be acquired immediately adding to your cash flow & productivity.
Facilitates budgeting – cost are known