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Free Lease Approval Analysis

Send us your Equipment Lease Approval before you sign the lease. Do not send us Lease Quotes

Depending on the size of the transaction, Lease-Line may be able to save your business enterprise hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. We will analyse the lease approval offered to your company. Minimum size transaction $10,000.00

Why a lease approval analysis?

The lease rental may seem high. Seasonal or Step rentals are difficult to evaluate. The terms of the approval may be onerous. Large upfront fees You may feel pressured. The approval is surprisingly different from the quote.

Many small and mid size business enterprises feel they must accept the lease approval offered by a vendor, lease brokerage firm or lease company because:

a) They have received a great deal on the equipment
b) It is convenient
c) They donít know about other options.
d) The business is located in less populated area of the country
e) The business is new
f) The equipment is used or specialized

Lease-Line routinely arranges leases for companies that reject lease offers from other sources.

Always make your best cash deal for the equipment first. Then inquire about leasing it.

The Process:

Email the Lease Approval with all terms and conditions and a completed credit application to lease@lease-line.com or fax it to 905-681-2433

Do not send us lease quotes, we will not reply.

The Lease-Line will analyse the Lease Approval then contact you with the results.

If the savings are deemed to be significant, we expect the opportunity to complete the lease transaction on your behalf. We will leave that decision up to you. Please respect our efforts.